Limited Space Available

If you would like to be a Vendor at Expo Lucha 2019, click on the link below or email our Vendor Manager at

Looking for Originals

The Art & Culture of Lucha Libre

Hand-crafted. One-of-a-kind. 

We welcome all artists who express their artistry for lucha libre via their own crafts, their own art.  Hand-crafted items.  One-of-a-kind memorabilia.  Unique items not found online or in a mega box store.  Come display your lucha libre craft at Expo Lucha!

A Unique Experience

In order to provide a unique experience for attendees, we will only approve one vendor selling a particular item.  For example, if we approve a vendor providing lucha libre socks and footware, we will not approve another sock and footware vendor. 


All vendors will be asked to provide a list of items to be sold.  If another vendor has already been approved to sell that item, we will ask that you modify your booth request to include different items.

Vendor request

The No-Sell List

 Per our venue contract, there are some items that cannot be sold.

They include:

Alcoholic beverages.

Food & beverage (samples in original packaging may be given out).

Weapons of any kind (guns, knives, throwing stars, brass knuckles, etc)

Narcotics and narcotic paraphernalia.

All items to be sold must be pre-approved prior to booth reservation. Booths selling items not pre-approved by Expo Lucha will be asked to remove those items immediately.